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Northward Bound
Northward Bound
Stained glass on found substrate
about 13" x 14"

Stained-glass on wood. About 14" across x 13" high. Many years ago, I had a coffee spoon collection which was displayed on this board. I used it as a mosaic substrate.
I've done a number of Canada geese in flight, so a template was at hand and perfect on this substrate. Above the goose, I did wider-than-usual grout lines for the profile of the Three Sisters Mountains which dominates the skyline we see every day from our home. I found a pearl in my collection of bits and pieces for its eye--a perfect fit. It was a challenge to try to make the lovely cloudy, streaky blue glass look like a realistic sky! (PS I doubt if geese's eyes are white, but I needed to contrast with the black head!)