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Bev is a mosaic artist, strictly by chance. Following a workshop in which she instantly loved working on brilliantly-coloured stained glass and the endless possibilities to create artworks with it. From childhood on, Bev enjoyed arts and crafts and enrolled in many courses, including fine art wood carving from a master carver! In the 1970’s, Bev became an addicted quilter producing baby quilts, full-size quilts as well wall hangings. Doing similar creations with stained glass was pretty well a natural cross-over for a new past time. After retiring from full-time work as a newspaper journalist, her previous art courses and experiences resurfaced to form the basis of her work. Her mosaics includes landscapes which some call “glass-paintings”, floral, animal and impressionistic and abstract pieces. Some other mosaics are made of stone, pebbles, seaglass and seashells.
In 2012, Harman and Bev launched the website Delyea Art to share her mosaics and her husband, Harman’s, paintings online. The story of Harman and Bev’s love of exploring National Parks, Provincial Parks, mountain trails, rivers and lakes together for nearly 50 years will be added to soon.
Original mosaics are at Fernie Arts Co-op. While some originals and reproductions are available on, gift items and souvenirs bearing art images on them are available at Fernie Craft Fairs and summer park markets as well as local outlets.