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Inukshuk with Hoodoos
Inukshuk with Hoodoos
Stained Glass Mosaic

This little stone inukshuk was placed on the substrate ages ago and with the masses of beautiful shards in my plastic bins, they came together under this brilliant sky. The dull grey shards radiating from the centre/top are actually mirror so they give this sky a genuine radiance. I'd finished the little guy and the sky and had no idea about the bottom/foreground. While panning the finish of this, we were staying in a lovely rv park in Saint Eugene Mission and I found myself studying the hoodoos lining the Saint Mary River. Why not? Inukshuks live everywhere in Canada and I envision this one standing by a chain of hoodoos, perhaps keeping watch over the Indigenous peoples of the area. BTW, if you don't know about hoodoos--they are sand cliffs eroded and sculpted into tall columns. It is now at the Fernie Arts Coop for someone to adopt.