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This 3-D stained glass mosaic was originally called “Nature’s Sculpture” because the substrate is a piece of driftwood, scrubbed clean and bleached in a nearby lake (Koocanusa), on which I placed glass, cabochons and beads telling of the lake’s summer colours. The undulating lines —like the winds and lake currents at Koocanusa—told of sand, grasslands, hills of conifers, blue and white skies and, of course the deep turquoise lake. I renamed it “Embrace” when, on top of the original theme, the two tops along with the curves and gaps suggested two figures (imaginary) locked together in an embrace. It amazes me when an artwork travels with a clear concept all the way through to completion, then when finished, it comes up with its own story, more exciting (or romantic?) than the original.
Size: sculpture--23" high, base--11" high.

stained glass, mosaic, lake, Koocanusa,
The Embrace
Stained glass, cabochons and beads