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This conceptual art mosaic is one of two pieces inspired by the century-old burnt stumps in the Elk Valley near where we live. Often, you see a new tree growing from the remains of a decaying tree. This inspired me to superimpose the image of a slender, young tree on the burnt-out stump. If a stump had a memory, it would be from about 200 years ago when it was young and green. The lush green woods are stylized in the ways of Emily Carr's later paintings of dense, lush forests. The red patch represents the flames that burned the older tree and the lower-down red glass globules represent flowers, maybe fireweed, that surround them in the present. Please go to the SHOP page and contact us for information about acquiring this mosaic.
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conceptual stained glass mosaic art forest
Spirit of A Sapling--Fire and Renewal
Stained Glass Mosaic
12" x 15 1/2"